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​Over 60 varieties of handmade truffles, ganaches, fruits and nuts  

2000's of molded items for any occasion

Our chocolate is organic, kosher and gluten free

*Dark Chocolate 73%      *Milk Chocolate 58%      *White Chocolate 38%


This semi-soft caramel square has a subtle hint of vanilla hand dipped in rich milk chocolate or our semi sweet dark chocolate for simple, yet satisfying chocolate and caramel experience.

Gran Marnier Ganache


This classic French-inspired dark chocolate truffle has been infused with Gran Marnier to produce a subtle orange flavor that compliments the richness of our dark chocolate ganache.

Jamaican Rum Ganache

This dark chocolate truffle is infused with Jamaican Rum, then hand dipped into our semi sweet dark chocolate. After a bite of this you will think you are walking on a beach in the Caribbean.​


Mocha Truffle

This unique truffle is made with roasted Italian espresso beans to provide a robust coffee and chocolate experience that will open your taste buds and put an extra beat in your step. Available in our semi sweet dark chocolate &  milk chocolate.

Orange Truffle


This orange cream center is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Think of it as a creamsicle hand dipped in white chocolate.

Mint  Truffle


This refreshing chocolate truffle is made with hints of mint and spearmint to provide a clean, crisp chocolate experience. Mint center hand dipped in semi sweet dark chocolate.

Fudge Brownie Truffle


This truffle has a unique taste of a classic chocolate fudge & of a dark chocolate brownie. Dipped in our semi sweet dark chocolate. A true chocolate lovers delight.

Maple Cream Truffle

This maple cream center is a true taste of Vermont. This rich & buttery truffle is hand dipped in our creamy milk chocolate.

Butter Creme

This confection consists of a hand-rolled smooth and creamy center that has hints of vanilla and then dipped in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate, think of vanilla ice cream that is covered in chocolate.

Raspberry  Ganache

This classic dark chocolate truffle consists of a raspberry infused dark ganache, which is then dipped in our semi sweet dark chocolate to produce a wonderfully balanced berry & chocolate experience.

Champagne     Ganache

This chocolate truffles one of our most unique selections. The center consists of a champagne infused dark chocolate ganache which is then dipped into our creamy milk chocolate to produce a rich & delicious taste.


Dark Ganache

With a 73% bittersweet dark chocolate ganache center that is enrobed in our semisweet dark chocolate, this is a dark chocolate lover's dream come true. This smooth, rich, and decadently delicious dark chocolate truffle is one of our most popular selections.

Cheesecake    Ganache

This white chocolate truffle has a creamy cheesecake center to provide a fresh take on an American Classic. One bite & you'll see why. Available only in white chcolate

        Sea Salt

If you like the combination of sweet & salty, these are for you. This caramel square has a hint of vanilla and then hand dipped in our semi sweet dark or our rich milk chocolate then topped with a bit of coarse sea salt for a nice balance of sweet and salty.​

Italian  Amaretto

This Classic Italian inspired dark Chocolate truffle has a distinct almond flavor that has subtle cherry undertones. Dark chocolate center & hand dipped in dark chocolate

Key  Lime Truffle


This citrus-based white chocolate truffle combines the true flavors of limes & lemons, to provide a tart but sweet white chocolate truffle.

Sugar Free Chocolates Available

Smoked Sea
Salt Caramel

We have taken this sweet salty combination to a new level. Our smoked sea salt is smoked in alderwood from the Great North West.  Hand dipped in our semi sweet dark chocolate or our creamy milk chocolate then topped off with coarse smoked sea salt for a nice balnce of sweet, salty & smokey.

Red Velvet    Cake Truffle

This truffle is quickly becoming our most popular selection. The center is light & fluffy red velvet cake, hand rolled & dipped in our semi sweet dark chocolate. Think of it as a small cupcake dipped in chocolate.


This German classic confection, Marzipan is an almond based confection that has a moistened dense consistency that is similar to pound cake. Each ball is hand rolled & then dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

This classic Italian inspired dark chocolate truffle has a distinct almond flavor that has a subtle cherry undertones. Dark chocolate center & dipped in dark chocolate

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Kentucky Bourbon Ganache


This dark center ganache is infused with double oak kentucky bourbon then hand dipped in our bittersweet dark chocolate. One bite of this unique truffle will bring out the southern comfort.

Baily's Irish Cream Ganache

This Classic Irish drink has a creamy smooth texture with the aromatic qualities of whiskey. Hand dipped in our creamy milk chocolate

While we do carry nuts & nut products in our store, we do not dip nuts in our chocolate tempering machines

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