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Chocolate Dipped Fruits


Orange & Lemon Peels

These peels peels are imported from Italy. Hand dipped in our semi sweet dark chocolate

Apricot & Orange Slices

Our apricots & orange slices are imported from Australia and then hand dipped in our semi sweet dark chocolate


These sliced ginger are imported from Thailand. Hand dipped in our creamy milk chocolate or our semi sweet dark

Long Stem Cherry

These organic long stem cherries are slighty soaked in rum before they are hand dipped in your choice of milk, white or dark chocolate

Chocolate Nut Selection

Almond Cluster

If you enjoy chocolate and  nuts, these almond clusters are for you. Roasted in house, the almonds are covered in our milk creamy chocolate or our semi sweet dark then topped off with another almond

Pecan Cluster

These southern pecans are roasted in house an then covered in our milky creamy chocolate or semi sweet dark, then topped off with another pecan

Peanut Butter Cup

This family recipe consits of a peanut butter ball center surrounded by milk chocolate infused with more peanut butter.

English Butter Toffee

Almond Butter Toffee

This home made toffee is our own recipe made with real butter and organic brown sugar. 

Worth every crunchy bite

Almond Bark

These organic almonds come directly from a small almond farm in Northern California , then roasted in house.  available in milk, white and dark chocolate

Pecan Turtles

One of our most popular items, our pecans are roasted in house then hand pressed into our buttery caramel, then hand dipped into either our milk or dark chocolate



Freshly made fudge is now available at Cocoa Vienna


Hazelnut Praline

A creamy, nutty mixture of pralines and milk chocolate, topped with a hazelnut.

Heaven in a cup



      Pecan Date Balls        Made with real Middle Eastern Dates. Dipped in our creamy milk chocolate then rolled in crushed pecans

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